Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Senior Report - Weeks 6-7

On Wednesday 7th March the District Swimming Team went to Noble Park to compete against other schools in our district. The swimmers tried their best and had a fun time. Congratulations to Katarina for making division in breaststroke! We’ve started STEM in the Senior School and it’s been really exciting. Plus, the School leadership team have been doing a great job running assemblies.
Ethan N

Green Gang/Marine Ambassador update
On Tuesday the Marine Ambassadors visited OLA for a workshop on teaching children about the importance of the ocean and the animals living in it. At the end of the workshop we were given a dolphin money box for fundraising. We are going to put the money boxes outside the office so that if you’re passing the office and you have spare change you can donate by putting the money in the money box and it will be donated to SR3. It will go towards building Washington’s first marine animal hospital.

Hello!!!! This is the one and only Anna! Today I am doing the reminders so you can remember them and write them down in your brains
Wednesday 21st – Harmony Day
Friday 23rd – Jump Rope 4 Heart
Monday 26th – School Photo Day
Thursday 29th – Easter Raffle Drawn
Thursday 29th – Last Day Term 1
Monday 16th – First Day Term 2
Wednesday 25th – Anzac Day (PUPIL FREE DAY)

Our Reading topic for the past two weeks has been connecting and we have been learning how to make text-to-text, text-to-self and text-to-world connections. My group has been reading Now by Morris Gleitzman then connecting it to events in another book or in our lives. Everyone has enjoyed reading and we have learnt a lot about connecting. Billy.

In Writing these two weeks we have been focusing on narratives. We have been doing character profiles, developing the setting of our story, and working on our problem and solution patterns. We have started writing our stories based on what we have been planning during the last week to make our stories better. Examples of stories  children getting lost in the forest and lots of other stories. That is what we have been focusing on these two weeks and it's been great.
Drew M-R

In the past few weeks in Maths groups we’ve been learning how to concert fractions, decimals and percentages. We’ve been learning how to add with fractions and how to simplify and change the answers to a different form. We haven’t run out of work to do in Maths and we’ve been solving lots of problems. Everyone is enjoying Maths and completing all the tasks. Everyone is putting in their best efforts and their personal best. Alex.

In STEM we have been looking at how to make an egg drop at 3.00 meters by making a contraption so it doesn’t crack during the fall. Some people are building a waterslide that a Lego figure can slide down safely. Our planning skills have gone off the charts pages with pages full of planning so hopefully the egg doesn’t crack! Andjelka.

District Swimming

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Senior Report - Term 1, Weeks 1-5


HELLO! This is Anna from the Senior News Crew. I am one of the year 6 students who are now going to be writing the newsletters for you every fortnight. We haven’t been writing to you for quite a while, so this is EVERYTHING that has happened so far this term. 2 weeks ago, we had the 3-6 swimming carnival. It was soooo fun!! The students SMASHED the teachers in the parent-teacher vs students race. The year 5-6s also did their water safety swimming program once a day last week! And the new school leaders have gone to a leadership learning program to learn how to be better leaders for the school.  Have an amazing week!!! (well it will be 2 weeks until I write again but anyway) This is Anna signing out!

Hello I’m Alex, one of the new Senior News Reporters and I’m giving you a few reminders to put on your calendars and in your diaries...

Wednesday 7th - District Swimming
Monday 12th - Labour Day (PUPIL FREE DAY)
Wednesday 21st - Harmony Day
Friday 23rd - Jump Rope 4 Heart
Monday 26th - School Photo Day
Thursday 29th - Easter Raffle drawn
Thursday 29th - Last Day Term 1

Monday 16th - First Day Term 2
Wednesday 25th Anzac Day (PUPIL FREE DAY)

*Beaumaris Secondary College is holding a second Prospective Parents evening on Thursday March 8th, 6:00pm at Beaumaris Secondary College Activity Centre 117-136 Reserve Road, Beaumaris. Call the office on 5869 9200 if you would like to attend.
*Don't forget to return your Easter Raffle tickets by March 26th.
*Thank you for your support with the Easter Raffle. Please ensure your Easter donations for the hampers are brought in by March 23rd.
*Don’t forget we have classroom cuisine every Wednesday and Friday, remember to make your order before 8:30am.
*Icy poles are every Tuesday and Thursday for $1 each.
*A working bee is coming up soon...stay tuned for more info!

Andjelka Here!
We have just finished Synthesising. We read texts about the government e.g: local, state and federal about what they do. Synthesising is when we read between the lines to get new knowledge, summarise ideas and put pieces of the text together to see them in a lot different ways. We also just started connecting to self, to books and to world. Connecting is when we realise the cause and affects within the text. Each week in reading we go on News for Kids website, we go on any level of reading and we could look at current affairs but its put into kid friendly language. One of the stories was about Vegemite icy poles and if they should be in stores.       
Andjelka out! 

In Writing the Senior School has focused on persuasive writing. We have been learning OREO… unfortunately not the cookie. It means opinion, reason, evidence, opinion. It has been a lot of fun. Here are some examples of the topics we chose to write about: Summer is better than Winter, Guide Dogs Victoria should come to our school every week and There should be no school uniform. The Senior School is currently learning about narratives and we are excited to learn more. 
Ethan N.

Hi I’m Drew M-R and I am reporting to you about Maths. In Maths this week we have been doing projects focusing on addition and subtraction. We were separated into two groups. In the first group we were given a sheet with different supplies and you could design let’s say a table or a cabin and then work out how much you have spent. In the other group you got to design a holiday where you got to book flights, book a hotel and plan for three days. Some people went crazy buying 1 million dollar shoes, it was exciting. Some people even bought castles and hotels, even Lamborghini's. It was million-dollar madness.

In Inquiry we have been learning about levels of government: Local (Kingston, Bayside, Frankston), State (Victoria) and Federal which is Australia's government. We have been learning how laws are passed. It is also a part of our homework, where we have questions that we research at home. It is really exciting learning about the people that govern us. 
Billy J

Swimming Program

Year 6 Buddies

Leadership Day

Growth Mindsets

Interschool Sports

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Senior School Term 4 Weeks 1,2 & 3

Senior School Term 4 Weeks 1,2 & 3


Nude Food Week is next week!Next week, students are encouraged to bring nude food (food without packaging) and these students will go into a raffle for a prize. We will be learning about the importance of healthy eating and also minimising our waste throughout the week. A notice has been sent home explaining the necessary information.

Next Friday 3rd of November- Morning TeaAs part of Nude Food Week, each class will be sharing a morning tea. It would be great if the students could bring some cut up fruit and vegetables to share with their grade.

Grade 6 Graduation Photo & Whole School PhotoHeld on Friday the 3rd of October

Cup Day- 7th of November

 Learning and Teaching 

Writing- To begin the term, students wrote recounts about their holidays. For the past 2 weeks, students have been using their creativity to write captivating narratives. It has been wonderful listening to the students talk about how much they have improved with their creative writing. We have been exploring different methods of beginning and ending a story. 

Reading- Students have been learning how to create a new understanding through combining their prior knowledge with the information from the text. They have been exploring this notion through guided reading and independent activities.

We wrapped up the unit on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages in week 1 with our groups. It was great to see students become confident with such a challenging topic.
We have moved onto Time as our next focus. This includes reading an analogue clock to the minute, converting between 12 hour and 24 hour time, calculating elapsed time, investigating time zones and interpreting timetables. 


Design and Technology is our focus for Inquiry this term. Since the beginning of term, students have discussed the role of an engineer and researched famous engineers. Last week, Mrs Windley discussed the design process with the support of her VCE Design & Tech folios.

Students, working either individually or in pairs, started to discuss problems they encounter in their lives which could be solved with a new design or product.

It's important to note that we will be taking the students step by step through the design process every Friday. Students will begin to research existing designs and starting to sketch their ideas this week. 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Senior School Term 3 Weeks 8 & 9

Senior School Term 3 Weeks 8 & 9


Teachers vs. Students Basketball Match- This Friday 15th of September
A Sausage Sizzle will be on Friday as a fundraiser for the grade 6 graduation.
Sausages in bread are $1.50. Students who wish to have a sausage are to bring cash on the day. (No QKR payments)

Curriculum Day- Monday 18th of September

Footy Day- Wednesday 20th of September
All parents are welcome to come along and enjoy the day with us.

STEM & Inquiry Parent Gala Day in the Senior Building
 Friday 22nd of September
Senior students will be showcasing their inquiry and STEM projects in the Atrium. All parents welcome to view their work from 9- 10 am.

Last Day of TermFriday 22nd of September
Early Finish- 2:30pm

 Learning and Teaching 

Students have been learning how to identify the main idea in a text and the key information. They have been practising this skill using News for Kids articles and their own novels.

Reviews and Informative Texts have been the focus in our writing sessions. Students reviewed an ABC series called 'Little Lunch' which the students absolutely loved. Now we've just got to find a way of getting the opening song out of our heads!

Image result for little lunch opening

They have also written information reports on an event during the Colonial times. Many students are decided to include these texts in their Inquiry projects. 

We began our unit of Fractions, Decimals and Percentages last week where students have explored a variety of concepts in their maths groups, some of which include equivalent fractions and fractions of whole numbers. We will continue this unit at the start of Term 4.

STEM & Inquiry 

As we are approaching the Parent Gala Day, the students are excitedly putting their STEM and Inquiry presentations together. We look forward to seeing you on Friday the 22nd of September to celebrate their hard work!


Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Senior School Term 3 Weeks 6 & 7

Senior School Term 3 Weeks 6 & 7


District Athletics Day- Monday 4th of September at Dolamore Oval
(for those who made the team)
STEM Parent Gala Day- a day to be determined in the last week of Term 3
Footy Day- Wednesday 20th of September

 Learning and Teaching 
Students have been learning about the different types of questioning and using these appropriately with their text. This week our focus has been on Summarising, using the main ideas and key points from particular texts. They have been using connective words and have identified story elements within the texts.

During bookweek, senior students teamed up with students from the 1/2 area and discussed and read their favourite books; why it was their favourite, when did they receive the book, who bought it for them etc.
Students from the senior school supported the book fair with great enthusiasm, many books were purchased. Happy reading for us all!!


Students have worked successfully in groups to complete their unit on Area and Perimeter. We have now begun to look at Fractions, Decimals and Percentages which will enable us to cover the real aspects of these in our daily lives. It will be a great help if students could bring in catalogues or pamphlets of any kind so we can use them as the unit unfolds over the next few weeks.


Students continue to tackle our challenging STEM tasks both in groups and individually. As students undertake each task they work through a 6-step process in order to achieve the activity's goal: challenge, research, ideas, design, outcome and evaluation. The students have developed a greater understanding of design and testing their creations. We are looking forward to the finished products over the next few weeks.


It's been fantastic to see how interested students have become in the history of Australia. We are working our way through a fascinating unit on the colonisation of our nation and the students are now focused on what they hope to investigate and include in their individual projects. Students have had the opportunity to research using the focus questions they have been given.


Thursday, 17 August 2017

Senior School Term 3 Weeks 4 & 5

Senior School Term 3 Weeks 4 & 5


Book Week- Monday 21st- Friday 25th of August
Father's Day Stall- Tuesday 29th of August
District Athletics Day- Monday 4th of September at Dolamore Oval
STEM Parent Gala Day- a day to be determined in the last week of Term 3
Footy Day- Wednesday 20th of September

 Learning and Teaching 
Students have been applying their new understanding of Figurative Language and have composed engaging narratives on 'The Fugitive.' We have seen great examples of Metaphors, Similes, Idioms, Oxymorons, Onomatopoeia, Hyperbole and Personification.  

Students have also begun to learn about biographies and how we can tell a story of someone's life. We have seen plenty of research and interviews taking place as students' discover the life stories of their peers, family members and important individuals. This will come in handy as we continue learning about the colonisation of Australia in Inquiry.


Students have worked successfully in groups to complete their unit on Multiplication and Division. We have now begun to look at Perimeter and Area which will enable us to cover the appropriate use of units of measurement, measurement in our daily lives, the algorithms for finding the perimeter and area of objects, as well as designing our dream homes. 


Students continue to tackle our challenging STEM tasks both in groups and individually. As students undertake each task they work through a 6-step process in order to achieve the activity's goal: challenge, research, ideas, design, outcome and evaluation. We have already seen some great innovation as students design, test and then make necessary changes to their spinning tops, marble courses and bridges. 


It's been fantastic to see how interested students have become in the history of Australia. We are working our way through a fascinating unit on the colonisation of our nation and soon students' will begin to apply their understanding of biographies to the men and women who shaped Australia. Students have been given their project outlines today, on which they will be completing at school over the coming weeks. There is no expectation that the students complete their projects at home, however if they would like to conduct more research, they are most welcome to. 


Students have rotated through all 10 of our athletics events with students running, jumping and throwing each Friday. We will now put together a team to represent MPPS at Dolamore Oval on Monday 4th September.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Senior School Term 3 Weeks 2&3

Senior School Term 3 Weeks 2&3


Welcome Back to Term 3:
We welcome all families of senior students back to a jam-packed Term 3. We have many exciting programs running this term and can see that the students are refreshed and re-energised from such a hectic ending to Term 2.

Trivia Night- Saturday August 5th
Parent/Teacher Interviews- Tuesday August 8th
Book Week- Monday 21st- Friday 25th August
District Athletics Day- Monday 4th September at Dolamore Oval
STEM Parent Gala Day- a day to be determined in the last week of Term 3

 Learning and Teaching 
Students will be learning about Figurative Language and how it helps in engaging the reader over the next 3-5 weeks. Metaphors, Similes, Idioms, Oxymorons, Onomatopoeia, Hyperbole and Personification are all examples of Figurative Language and will be studied in detail in order to improve meaning and understanding of the author's purpose. 

We are learning to write Limericks. A Limerick is a five-lined poem used for humour and entertainment. We have been very entertained by the creative poetry the students have produced. Below is a selection of students' work:

The Queen is so old and bossy
It's weird her dog's name is Rossy
She picks her nose
With a prickly rose
She should try being an Aussie- John Senior R

There was a grade called Senior R
One day their door stood ajar
Their teacher was out
Chaos was about
The kids even stole Alison's car!- Gigi Senior R

There once was a guy called Dan
His whole life he'd lived inside a van
The town cried 'hooray'
When the van rolled away
Because Dan was a selfish man! -Eden, Senior W

Students are working through a Multiplication and Division unit over the next 3 weeks. We will be working in groups to provide targeted teaching for progress and growth, work through common misunderstandings and apply the learning through activities such as; student-led game developments, speed maths and classwork.

STEM: Students will work their way through a range of challenging tasks both individually and in groups. Students follow a 6-step process in order to achieve the activity's goal: challenge, research, ideas, design, outcome and evaluation. This term's challenges are Spin, Spin, Spin! Marble Run and Build a Bridge ending in a Parent Gala at a date to be determined in the last week of this term. 

SPORT: Term 3 is an Athletics term. Each Friday we will be rotating through 10 events (100m, 200m, 800m, 1500m, hurdles, shot put, discus, long jump, triple jump and high jump) where we put together a team to represent MPPS at Dolamore on Monday 4th September. Our sessions will be held every Friday from 11.45- 1pm. If any parents have any expertise or simply wish to help out with recording, timing etc, please come and see Cameron Riley. Please also note that no oranges are required!! 

CAMP: What an amazing time we had at camp! We cannot speak highly enough of the students' behaviour and how they upheld the school values at all times. Watching the students approach each activity with enthusiasm, excitement, courage and enjoyment made us very proud as teachers. So much so, we would be happy to take your children away anytime (cough, wink, cough)!!! Enjoy the photo gallery below.