Thursday, 10 May 2018

Senior Report - Term 2, Weeks 3-4

Senior Report - Term 2, Weeks 3 - 4

On Friday 27th of April, the Grade 5/6’s went to their different destinations to play their summer sport. The four summer sports were Cricket, Rounders, Newcomb and Tennis. Everyone did a great job and enjoyed playing different teams. I did cricket and we came fourth overall in our district.
Ethan N

On the 30th of April some of the Year 3 to 6 students went to Karkarook Park to compete in the district cross country. It was a fun day and everyone tried their best. Three people made it into the next round of division Kosta, Daniel, and me. It was a great day and we are excited for next time we run. 

Also here’s a joke, what do you get when you run behind a car.
Answer: Tired.
Billy J

Every Tuesday - No Trash Tuesday! To limit the amount of rubbish at the school, please limit the amount of packaging and attempt to send snacks and lunches in named containers that can be taken home and reused. Thank you!

Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th - Year 5 NAPLAN
Tuesday 22nd - Italian Day

Friday 22nd - Winter Sports Gala Day

 This week in Reading we are learning to determine importance. In my reading group we did really bad front covers for the books we were currently reading. Some of them didn’t make sense. My cover was humorous and I made everyone in my group laugh. My book is based around space so I changed the cover by adding in things that didn’t make sense and I made them weird and funny. It also taught us to not judge a book by its cover and to understand what the important points in our books.
Alex D

For our Big Write we wrote about a crime in the Senior School. Someone stole Kylie and Cubert (Mrs Windleys plants)! We had to do a Big Write about it and everyone had something different to say about the evidence and who did it. We knew on Thursday the thief would come out and it was Miss Kruger all along! A lot of people had so much fun writing about it.  

Hi. This is ANNA! I’m going to be writing about Maths today. In maths, we are starting our measuring unit. We have been calculating length, with, height, mass, volume and capacity using different units of measurements. We have also been converting between different units of measurement. We used scales and rulers to measure lots of different things around the school from pencils to netball courts. Thank you for listening, and BYE!!!

Gala Day

 Team Building

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Senior Report - Term 2, Weeks 1-2

Senior Report - Term 2, Weeks 1-2

Welcome back everyone!
We have had a fantastic start to Term 2 in the Senior School. We hope you all enjoyed your holidays. We have begun our term with Cross Country and our District Summer Sport Gala Day, with all our students putting in an amazing effort on both days. We are looking forward to an amazing Term 2!

Every Tuesday - No Trash Tuesday! To limit the amount of rubbish at the school, please limit the amount of packaging and attempt to send snacks and lunches in named containers that can be taken home and reused. Thank you!

Monday 30th - District Cross Country

Tuesday 8th - Mothers Day Breakfast
Tuesday 22nd - Italian Day

                                   Italian Day - Tuesday 22rd May, 2018
Ciao everyone,
For those families new (and ‘old’) to Mentone Park Primary School, this is an invitation for your child to attend our Annual celebration of Italian Day and enjoy a day full of Italy-inspired activities and fun!
There will be a Parade in the morning. Children will then be rotating in ‘across grade’ groups during the morning period, followed by a PFA ‘Pizza and Gelato combination’ lunch, if desired, and ending with the day’s reflections in students’ classroom.
Prep children will be looked after by their grade 6 ‘Buddies,’ who will take them to each new rotational activity. Groups will be a blend of girls and boys from all grade levels and approximately the same in number.
What to wear? 
As it is a very special day, children are encouraged to come dressed in Italian-inspired clothing- Italian chefs, Italian food, opera singers, sports people, actors, Ancient Roman soldiers, Gods/Goddesses, Pinocchio, Mario Brothers…Otherwise, simply in the colours of Italy-Green, white and red! Do NOT feel costumes need to be bought. Simple is best.
What to bring?
Sensible footwear for playing in, Play lunchown lunch, if not purchasing the ‘Pizza/Gelato’ combination being ordered through Parents and Friends, and a big SMILE.                                      Any queries, please see Signora Beer

Keep an eye out for more important dates for Term 2!

Hello Andjelka here

In Reading we have been focusing on Questioning and were looking at thick and thin questions. Thick means look beyond the text and thin means it’s in front of you. We came up with thick and thin questions for our class book and our own novels.
What is the main character’s name? Bob.That’s a thin one.
A thick one is: How would you feel if you were Bob?

In Writing we have been revising our narratives and persuasive writing.

We were looking at the structure of a narrative and how to make our sentences more interesting for the reader. We also have looked over the Oreo structure of our persuasive writing. To make our Persuasive better we have to put our opinion and evidence in it.

For Maths the Senior School has been learning about multiplication in our different maths groups. In our groups we have been learning about composite numbers, prime numbers and factors, and we have been multiplying lots of different numbers

Q: What do you call an alligator with a vest?

A: An investigator.
Ethan N


This term we have begun our new unit looking at Australia’s History and people who have made an impact on our history. We have been able to choose from multiple people or choose our own person of interest. I chose Eddie Mabo, an aboriginal person who has made an impact on Australia’s History. We have been researching at home for homework and researching in the Library at school. 

Now for a joke: 
Why do ghosts like elevators?

Because it lifts their spirits!
Alex D


Hello! This is Anna here and I'm talking about STEM this week.
For STEM, we finally tested our projects!!! We dropped the egg drops, slid mini people down the water slide and had FUN! Lots of the eggs survived, while a few died. All of the inventors had AMAZING inventions though. The water slides got used a lot and the Lego men or marbles they used in the slides had a lot of fun, although some got a bit stuck. In the end, it was a great day. Hope you have had an AMAZING holiday, and hope you have an amazing two weeks. BYE!

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get the other side. 
Why did the piece of gum cross the road? Because it was stuck to the chicken’s foot!

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Senior Report - Weeks 7-9

Senior Report, Weeks 7-9

Easter Parade
We have been making Easter bonnets in class getting ready for the Easter Parade on Thursday morning. I got a big box and put it on my head since I’m so good at making hats. Some other people made hats with giant rabbits on them. It’s going to be a fun parade (also look out for the guy with the big box because that’s me.)

Now for a joke.
Q: Why am I so bad at jokes?
A: I don’t know. I really need help with jokes. THE END.
Billy J.

Harmony Day

On Harmony Day we all wore orange to celebrate harmony. There was bows, sunglasses, T shirts, hats and lots more everywhere that were all coloured orange. We all celebrated being together and all our differences. In the end we all got a photo of all of us making the words "Harmony Day!" by standing together. We all had fun working together in groups with from all grades and year levels doing fun activities.
Billy J.

Sports Report
During the past two weeks in Sport we have completed Jump Rope For Heart. The Year 6s ran all of the activities for the whole school. It was a hot day but we got through it and it was all worth it to raise the money for people with heart problems. My heart was definitely pumping! In sport last week we also had our last interschool sport friendly against S.J.V. It was a great day and we all had great results and sportsmanship. That’s all from sport news these two weeks! 

Planks Incursion
On Tuesday we had Green Hats come in for a Planks Incursion. It was AMAZING! Everyone had something amazing to build. Cam told us why he wanted to do what he is doing now. We learnt about friction, how to stabilise a structure and how to make it strong. We did a warm up together to get our brain started before we all started to build ourselves. Overall, my group's tower was amazing and smashing it was legendary. Other designs were towers, beds, baths and even cities.

Riddle: You have a chicken, a fox and a bag of seed that you need to take one across the river one at a time. How do you do it?
Hint: fox eat chicken, chicken eat seed.
Answer: chicken first, then seed, quickly take the chicken back, then take the fox, then chicken.
Andjelka out.

Thursday 29th – Easter Raffle Drawn
Thursday 29th – Last Day Term 1

Monday 16th – First Day Term 2
Wednesday 18th - Cross Country Trials
Wednesday 25th – Anzac Day (PUPIL FREE DAY)

Keep an eye out for more important dates for Term 2 soon!

HELLO! This is Anna! Today I’m writing about two things – Writing AND Reading!
In Writing we have been finishing off and editing our narratives that we have been working on this term. It was REALLY fun writing narratives using all the different things we learnt in class. We loved listening to each other's different stories with interesting characters and sizzling start, but now it has come to an end.

In Reading we have been learning to make informed predictions about the texts we have been reading. We have enjoyed getting to read lots of different books in our Reading groups such as Gizmo by Paul Jennings and The Nimbin by Jenny Wagner. BYE BYE! Until next term!

In Maths we finished our fractions, decimals and percentages unit. We all learnt a lot of different interesting things in our groups. In my group we learnt how to convert fractions into decimals and percentages. We also learnt how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions of all different amounts doing activities with dice and cards. It was super fun. 
Andjelka OUT.


In Inquiry the whole senior school did a mock parliament together. Mr Hardie’s grade was the government, Mrs Windley’s grade was the opposition, and Ms Kruger’s grade was the minor parties/Independents. Students got to be the Speaker, Clerk, Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and all of the representatives. Mr Hardie’s grade successfully passed the no homework bill through our parliament so the teachers decided that there would be no homework in the senior school for a week. We celebrated with our breakdancing Prime Minister Josh.

Q: What happened when the dog went to the flea circus?  
A: He stole the show.
Ethan N. 

In STEM this term we have had 2 project options: an egg cargo drop and a miniature water slide. The egg cargo drop is when you have an egg connected to something that can hold string and the egg, we put it up at a height and let it fall. The goal is to not let it crack and break. The water slide is where you put a mini toy on the waterslide, let it slide down the waterslide and get to the bottom without any water spilling out. My experience with stem has been very fun and I’ve enjoyed working with my friends in my group, and so has everyone else. My group and I are doing the waterslide challenge and we love it. We haven’t had to many struggles but we may soon when we test our design. Remember to come next term as we will have a STEM Gala Day to show off our projects. 

Finally a joke. 
Q: Why didn’t the skeleton go to the dance? 
A: Because they had no BODY to go with.
Alex D.

Planks Incursion

Harmony Day

Government Inquiry

Easter Bonnets

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Senior Report - Weeks 6-7

On Wednesday 7th March the District Swimming Team went to Noble Park to compete against other schools in our district. The swimmers tried their best and had a fun time. Congratulations to Katarina for making division in breaststroke! We’ve started STEM in the Senior School and it’s been really exciting. Plus, the School leadership team have been doing a great job running assemblies.
Ethan N

Green Gang/Marine Ambassador update
On Tuesday the Marine Ambassadors visited OLA for a workshop on teaching children about the importance of the ocean and the animals living in it. At the end of the workshop we were given a dolphin money box for fundraising. We are going to put the money boxes outside the office so that if you’re passing the office and you have spare change you can donate by putting the money in the money box and it will be donated to SR3. It will go towards building Washington’s first marine animal hospital.

Hello!!!! This is the one and only Anna! Today I am doing the reminders so you can remember them and write them down in your brains
Wednesday 21st – Harmony Day
Friday 23rd – Jump Rope 4 Heart
Monday 26th – School Photo Day
Thursday 29th – Easter Raffle Drawn
Thursday 29th – Last Day Term 1
Monday 16th – First Day Term 2
Wednesday 25th – Anzac Day (PUPIL FREE DAY)

Our Reading topic for the past two weeks has been connecting and we have been learning how to make text-to-text, text-to-self and text-to-world connections. My group has been reading Now by Morris Gleitzman then connecting it to events in another book or in our lives. Everyone has enjoyed reading and we have learnt a lot about connecting. Billy.

In Writing these two weeks we have been focusing on narratives. We have been doing character profiles, developing the setting of our story, and working on our problem and solution patterns. We have started writing our stories based on what we have been planning during the last week to make our stories better. Examples of stories  children getting lost in the forest and lots of other stories. That is what we have been focusing on these two weeks and it's been great.
Drew M-R

In the past few weeks in Maths groups we’ve been learning how to concert fractions, decimals and percentages. We’ve been learning how to add with fractions and how to simplify and change the answers to a different form. We haven’t run out of work to do in Maths and we’ve been solving lots of problems. Everyone is enjoying Maths and completing all the tasks. Everyone is putting in their best efforts and their personal best. Alex.

In STEM we have been looking at how to make an egg drop at 3.00 meters by making a contraption so it doesn’t crack during the fall. Some people are building a waterslide that a Lego figure can slide down safely. Our planning skills have gone off the charts pages with pages full of planning so hopefully the egg doesn’t crack! Andjelka.

District Swimming